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SOLARIMPULSE 21.6.2012 do Maroka

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Na zítřejší den je plánován druhý pokus již známého letounu na sluneční pohon SolarImpulse pro let ze Španělska do Maroka.

Podrobnější zpráva je v následujícím textu.


Solar Impulse – Supporters Program – June 20, 2012
Dear Supporters,The weather forecast is favourable for the HB-SIA’s second attempt to fly to Morocco’s city of Ouarzazate, tomorrow 21 of June.André Borschberg will try once again to fly to the city that will host the world’s largest thermo-solar power complex. Take-off is expected around 07:00AM (UTC+1).

Because of the hot and arid climate in the region, two possible itineraries are being evaluated to reach Ouarzazate. The first route will mostly follow the itinerary of the first attempted flight, flying near Casablanca in the direction of Marrakesh at an altitude of 8’600 meters, avoiding thermal currents from the ground. From there, it will then proceed to its descent into Ouarzazate International airport. The second one will follow the coastline at a low altitude, approximately at 2’000 meters, as thermal currents are weaker over water. It will then lead the pilot inland towards Essaouira before landing at its final destination in Ouarzazate. The Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN) and the Solar Impulse team are expecting to welcome André with a steaming pot of mint tea sometime after midnight (UTC+1), Friday 22 June.

This flight is an excellent occasion to bring the Solar Impulse project to the next level by pushing the limits of the aircraft and the team. Because of the difficult meteorological conditions in the region, the team is faced with a new challenge that will further train them in crisis and risk mitigation ahead of the 2014 world tour.

We are also delighted to unveil the 2012 Crossing Frontiers badge. It’s a wonderful souvenir of Solar Impulse’s first intercontinental flight that led the HB-SIA to discover the hot Moroccan climate. So don’t forget to register in the Adventurer category of our Supporters Program in order to complete the collection.

Although the flight has been confirmed, the Flight Director may still decide to postpone it or alter the route up until a short time before takeoff. Keep up to date with the latest news on www.solarimpulse.com.

Track the flights Live on our new website!
During the 2012 Mission flight campaign, each flight can be tracked live on www.solarimpulse.com and via the Smartphone app “Solar Impulse Inventing the Future”, available free on Appstore and Google Play. We recommend you to be connected to a wireless access because of the high data transfer from the live video.

The airplane’s position, altitude and speed will be shown live. Cameras will be fitted inside the cockpit and “Mission Control Center”, allowing you to experience the adventure live.

Follow André’s voyage via Twitter! Bertrand will be Tweeting from the ground with all the latest news from the heart of the action.

We hope you will be numerous to follow Solar Impulse’s new adventure!

V první verzi se má dít, po 7.hodině ranní ve výšce nad 8km, aby se vyhnul silným termickým proudům nad rozpálenou pevninou.

V druhé verzi by měl letět ve výšce kolem 2km podél afrického pobřeží s nadějí, že termické proudy zde rovněž nebudou takové intenzity.

Přejeme tomuto letu úspěch i když se nemůžeme zbavit smutného dojmu z fotografií, kdy Helios před několika lety nad Hawaí byl rozlámán drsnými termickými proudy.

To bychom si nepřáli ani my.

Hodně štěstí Švýcaři.

Ať je to úspěšný den letošního letního slunovratu pro všechny kdo tomu věnovali značné úsilí.

20.6.2012 © Jaroslav Lněnička


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